‘Let’s Be Frank!’ Podcasts

Listen as Frank Farmer and the team at Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC) share secrets of the proven systems they’ve employed to grow one of the country’s leading residential metal roof companies. Training their clients in the development of these systems, MRC has helped dozens of contractors and manufacturers learn the ins-and-outs of the residential metal roofing business. Podcast topics include lead generation, appointment setting, in-home sales presentations, and success with installation crews. Hosted by Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries, the Let’s Be Frank! Podcast provides new and established metal roofing dealers the confidence they need to succeed.

Manage Customer Expectations and Get All Your Money!

Original air date: 6-18-2020

Strategies To Close More Sales While Increasing Price & Profits

Original air date: 5-21-2020

SURVIVE COVID-19: You Must Sell In The Midst Of Crisis

Original air date: 3-26-2020

Understanding the Motivation of Your Mature Customers

Original air date: 1-16-2020

Attracting and Hiring The RIGHT Salespeople!

Original air date: 12-12-19

30-Year-Old Marketing and Sales Techniques Are Dead!

Original air date: 10-31-19

Taking Advantage of Your Competitors’ Lies.

Original air date: 9-26-19

If Metal Roofs Cost Less Than Asphalt, Would You Sell More?

Original air date: 8-22-19

Why You Are Missing Sales and What You Can Do About It.

Original air date: 7-11-19

How To Ask and Listen So Customers Tell You How To Sell Them!

Original air date: 5-16-19

Best Practices and Tips For Success in The Residential Metal Roofing Sales Business

Original air date: 3-28-19

Turning New Salespeople Into Million Dollar Producers

Original air date: 1-24-19

The Appointment Setting Process

Original air date: 12-20-18

How To Successfully Grow Production Crews in the Millennial Age

Original air date: 11-29-18

How To Turn Reluctant Customers Into Buyers

Original air date: 11-1-18

Attracting The RIGHT People For Your Sales Team!

Original air date: 8-30-18

How to Grow a Successful Metal Roofing Company

Original air date: 8-9-18