MRC Team

Frank Farmer


Frank Farmer is the founder and President of American Metal Roofs (AMR). Frank, trained as a physician, has used his medical knowledge to develop methods of analyzing a home’s health. This information is crucial for an impactful and profitable sales presentation. In 2013, Frank was appointed to the Board of Governors for the Home Improvement Professional Executive Council (HIPEC). Frank sits on the Board for the Metal Roof Alliance (MRA) providing sales and marketing guidance to North American metal roof manufactures. His reputation as a business innovator and problem solver has made him a recognized authority in the metal roofing industry. In 2018, Frank received the “Legends of the Home Improvement” award for his leadership and development of the residential metal roofing industry.

Dan Lane

Vice President


Dan’s engineering talents and vision for improving efficiencies led him to re-engineer all the common metal roofing trim details to make installation of a metal roof 30% faster and less prone to fail with sliding ice and snow. Dan rapidly became the go to person for companies looking to control ice on northern roofs with his development of Heated Shingle and Ice Dam Cutter.
As a licensed home builder, Dan provides construction insights on running profitable crews, crew development, efficient installation systems along with jobsite safety.

Sue DeJaegher

Director of Dealer Development


As a past business owner and top sales professional in the finance industry, Sue became known for her hard work, bubbly personality and systematic approach to the sales process. Having constant contact with clients across North America, Sue works with companies to implement proven systems, templates, forms along with guidance to help them grow. Working closely with Frank Farmer She is the go-to person at MRC.

Mark Schmitz



Mark Schmitz is a CPA / MBA graduate of Western Michigan and Saginaw Valley State Universities. Mark’s business experience and background in the construction industry has successfully guided several MRC clients through challenging economies. Mark’s keen understanding of business operations, consumer and business finance, along with budgeting, has proven to be extremely valuable in bringing financial stability and steady growth to MRC clients.

Britney Adams

Communication Center Manager

517- 543-1409

As the world of consumer communication has evolved into digital communication, Britney’s 15 years of experience has proven valuable working with MRC clients she is quickly able to help them maximize lead conversions. Britney is frequently called upon for her wisdom to get the most out of all leads. Britney follows a philosophy that all leads are valuable. She quickly gained a following by sharing with MRC clients her systems of generating sales from leads that were once given up for dead. Britney is involved in providing training, scripting and communication systems to maximize profits.

MRC Trusted Partner

Alfred Anderson Marketing

Alfred Anderson marketing is an AMR owned company and has developed marketing strategies for AMR since 2003. After being purchased by AMR in 2007, Alfred Anderson was moved and incorporated into the AMR family of companies.
MRC makes available all marketing materials, presentation books, forms, photos and videos to its dealers. As these materials were developed and carry the AMR logo’s, they will need to be rebranded. MRC dealers can rebrand these products on their own or pay the graphic designers at Alfred Anderson to have it done. Alfred Anderson Marketing is managed by Jim Anderson.

Jim Anderson

General Manager, Alfred Anderson Marketing


Managing AMR’s advertising and marketing efforts, Jim has helped AMR generate well over 6000 leads annually and achieve over 100 million dollars in revenue. With an award-winning background in the advertising world, and added experience in web and digital media, many choose to contract with Jim to oversee the development of their lead generation strategies.

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