Building Confidence To Succeed In Metal Roofing In-Home Sales


MRC has grown as the result of proven systems developed and utilized to grow one of the nation’s leading residential metal roof companies. Using these systems, MRC has helped dozens of contractors along with manufacturers learn the in-home sales process for metal roofing. Starting with the generation of leads, setting appointments, in-home sales presentations, and hiring and training installation crews. These systems give new dealers the confidence they need to succeed in metal roofing. It is our mission to consult with metal roof contractors and manufacturers to develop and learn all facets of the metal roofing business and increase profitability.


Manufacturers, your distributers do not provide metal roofing dealers with the training they need to thrive. We can show you how you can fulfill their needs in:

  • Lead generation and management with a CRM
  • Sales presentation
  • In home sales scripting
  • Proper pricing for correct margins
  • Installation training and efficiencies of installing
  • Key performance indicators for profitability

Manufactures we can help you understand a Metal Roof dealers needs in regards to:

  • Product turnaround times
  • Brochures
  • Sales samples
  • Sales parts and pieces
  • Marketing templates
  • Manufactures leads
  • Exclusivity
  • Recognition
  • Ordering support


Contractors will gain:

  • Proven methods for success which will generate confidence
  • Systems to generate and handle metal roof leads
  • Scripting to set metal roof sales appointments  
  • How to inspect homes to uncover homeowners needs, wants and desires  
  • Methods to create urgency for immediate sales
  • Sales systems to maximize margin and profits
  • Methods to pay, build and motivate metal roof installation crews
  • Methods to increase installation efficiencies to reduce costs
  • Pricing models
  • Compensation plans

Not just a seminar–proven systems to copy and utilize in your business.  Not just theory–you are mentored by a team of leaders who are actively running their departments.

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