Metal Roofing Pioneers

image of metal roofing on a home and brochure for metal roofing consultants training boot camp

Metal Roofing Pioneers

When I started out in the residential metal roofing business almost 20 years ago, there were no proven methods, templates to follow or people to give me advice. I grew American Metal Roofs in the economically depressed state of Michigan through long hours, hard work and trial-and-error. We were truly out on the frontier facing hardships and challenges — and successes — as they came.

Over time we developed proven systems in each area of the business and our business and profitability grew – along with our notoriety. Companies began to seek us out to help them start, integrate or expand their metal roofing businesses. That, in turn, led us to launch Metal Roofing Consultants (MRC). After a short time, we began to be approached by manufacturers asking us to train their dealers in what we’d learned. In exchange, these manufacturers agreed to underwrite part of the cost of the MRC mentorship so dealer growth can be accelerated.

MRC Training Includes:

  • Understanding who your customer is and how to cost effectively generate leads
  • Appointment setting scripts
  • Strong sales presentation with methodology to close on the first visit
  • Sales training boot camps to train your sales people
  • Weekly online sales meetings
  • You or your sales people can become part of a sales organization to compete with peers for recognition and awards
  • Forms, contracts, surveys and business systems
  • Installation training and efficiency
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the benchmarks you need to achieve

We’ve pioneered the residential metal roofing business and we’re ready to train the next generation in everything we’ve learned. Are you ready to get started?

Frank Farmer
[email protected]