Spring Home Shows And The Definition of Low Hanging Fruit

Spring Home Shows And The Definition of Low Hanging Fruit

What is the key to success for home any improvement company? Generating and qualifying top leads, of course. But, when you’re just starting out, leads can be hard to come by. And with marketing dollars at a premium, where can a new home improvement business turn to find qualified leads? Radio? TV? Print?

Expensive media schedules may be a temptation, but they rarely produce the kind of immediate results you need to get a new business off of the ground. The best answer in this situation is to focus on finding low hanging fruit – those leads that can be quickly and inexpensively captured and sold. That’s why Home Shows are always your best bet. Where else can you go and in 2-3 days talk with dozens of potential customers who are shopping for what you do right now and have money to spend? Remember, they are coming to you – provided you have the courage to speak up and engage them as they go walking by your booth.

For a newly launched home improvement business, no other marketing strategy offers a quicker potential return than Home Shows, because no other strategy brings you face-to-face with potential customers right now. Avoid the temptation to gamble your marketing dollars on a risky media schedule. Invest instead. Find your nearest Home Show and grab some low hanging fruit.

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