5 Day Metal Roof Boot Camp

How to sell metal roofing using our proven, in-home sales process

This intensive sales training program is the same step-by-step sales program used by American Metal Roofs to develop 2 million dollar producers.  You will leave this 5 day Sales Bootcamp invigorated and motivated with a proven, systematic sales approach that delivers results immediately.

You will learn–

  • Roof, construction and metal roof terminology
  • How to prepare for a successful appointment.
  • How to conduct a needs assessment–Homeowners will tell you how to sell to them!
  • How to measure a roof from the ground.
  • How to conduct an impactful attic examination to create urgency to get the order now.
  • How to get the customer to upgrade and increase the amount of the sale.
  • How to get the customer to acknowledge a metal roof is their least costly and best option.
  • How to eliminate competitors’ products from the minds of the customers using a systematic, emotional sales approach.
  • How to do a price presentation
  • How to present finance options
  • How to get decisions instead of “we need to think about it”.
  • How to price and sell a metal roof profitably
  • How to write a contract

At Boot Camp you will receive a presentation book that is customizable along with a sales training manual.

If your goal is to be a million dollar producer, then it is essential for you to attend this program!

2-Day Customer Service Call Center Training

How to hire, train and manage a profitable call center for sales and service

Want your call center team to set more appointments?  Want to screen out unqualified leads before spending the time and money to send a salesman?  In this 2 day intensive training seminar led by veteran call center manager, Britney Adams, your call center team will learn the secrets of setting qualified leads that set your sales team up for success.

Sessions include:

  • How To Use Call Scripts
  • Handling Customer Objections
  • Leading Customers Through The Call
  • Creating Value For The Appointment
  • Strategies For The Hard-To-Reach Customer

4 Week Metal Roof Installer Training

Learn everything you need to know about expertly installing metal roofing products.

There has never been a greater demand for residential metal roofing installers. In our comprehensive 4 Week Installation Training Seminar you will work through a hands-on, step-by-step installation of the most popular metal roofing products. Led by Dan Lane of American Metal Roofs and expert AMR crew leaders, this seminar includes:

  • Hands On Installation Training
  • Job Site Visits
  • Safety Instruction
  • Installation DVD’s
  • How To Conduct A Walk-Through
  • Effective Crew Management / Leadership
  • Handling Issues On The Job Site

2-Day Speed-Trim Installation Training

Increase installation safety and efficiency by 30% using new faster lineals!

What if your crews could install 30% faster?  In conjunction with Classic Products, we’re offering a two day seminar that provides hands-on training with Classic’s Speed Trim lineals.  Not only will your crews learn how to install Classic products more efficiently, Speed Trims lineals will make your installation process safer for your crews saving you money on ER visits and preventing crew slowdowns.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to Install Speed Trims
  • Crew Safety Improvements
  • How Speed Trims Improve Installation Efficiency

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