5-Day Residential Metal Roofing Sales Boot Camp

How to sell metal roofing using our proven, in-home sales process

You spend thousands of dollars advertising your metal roofs, setting appointments and meeting with prospective customers but come away with a disappointing number of sales. Why? You might start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What are the steps to a sale?
  2. Do I have the right sales tools?
  3. Is my needs analysis thorough enough to empower the customer to order today?
  4. Do I spend more time telling when I should be empowering the customer to make a decision to buy?
  5. Does my sales system set me apart from the competition?

If you do not know the answers to these vital questions, this Boot Camp is for you.

Utilizing a step by step sales system to build value will significantly increase the number of sales and your sale price.

If your goal is to be a million dollar producer, then it is essential for you to attend this program.

This is an interactive, participation-filled workshop designed to teach those who are serious about increasing their metal roof sales performance.

Come prepared to learn:

  • What equipment is needed to compete
  • How to do a proper needs assessment
  • How to measure a roof from the ground
  • How to do an inspection that empowers a customer to buy now
  • How to build value in your roof and get the right price
  • How to properly  present the price
  • 5 simple closes every sales person should know (and when to use them)

You will leave this 5 day Sale Boot Camp invigorated and motivated with a systematic sales approach that produces results immediately.

2-Day Customer Service Call Center Training

How to hire, train and manage a profitable call center for sales and service

Want your call center team to set more appointments?  Want to screen out unqualified leads before spending the time and money to send a salesman?  In this 2 day intensive training seminar led by veteran call center manager, Britney Adams, your call center team will learn the secrets of setting qualified leads that set your sales team up for success.

Sessions include:

  • How To Use Call Scripts
  • Handling Customer Objections
  • Leading Customers Through The Call
  • Creating Value For The Appointment
  • Strategies For The Hard-To-Reach Customer

5-Day Metal Roof Installation Crew Training

How to hire, train and manage a crew that best represents your business on-site

Installing a metal roof is no easy task.  But, getting installations right is the key to customer satisfaction and profitability.  In our 5 Day Installation Crew Training Seminar led by Dan Lane of American Metal Roofs and top AMR crew leaders, your crew will work through a hands-on, step-by-step installation of the metal roofing products you install everyday.

Training includes:

  • Hands On Installation Training
  • Free Installation DVD’s
  • How To Conduct A Walk-Through
  • Effective Crew Management / Leadership
  • Handling Issues On The Job Site

2-Day Installing Metal Roofs Efficiently Training

How to balance quality and speed for a quick, but proper, metal roof installation

What if your crews could install 30% faster?  In conjunction with Classic Products, we’re offering a two day seminar that provides hands-on training with Classic’s Speed Trim lineals.  Not only will your crews learn how to install Classic products more efficiently, Speed Trims lineals will make your installation process safer for your crews saving you money on ER visits and preventing crew slowdowns.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to Install Speed Trims
  • Crew Safety Improvements
  • How Speed Trims Improve Installation Efficiency

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